Tune In: The Beatles: All These Years. Mark Lewisohn

Tune In: The Beatles: All These Years

ISBN: 9781400083053 | 944 pages | 24 Mb

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Tune In: The Beatles: All These Years Mark Lewisohn
Publisher: Crown Publishing Group

Nov 19, 2013 - Mark Lewisohn's “Tune In: The Beatles: All These Years, Vol. Nov 7, 2013 - It is hard to imagine a wide readership for a nearly 1,000-page tome about the Beatles' pre-fame strivings. Jan 1, 2014 - The Beatles: All These Years vol 1 — Tune In. 1,” Part 1 of a planned three-volume Beatles history, has been released just in time for what's become an annual holiday-season bonanza of Fabs-related material. Jun 19, 2013 - Here is the warts and all story of their family backgrounds, childhoods, and their infatuation with American music. How many tunes did you record ultimately and was it tough to pare down those tracks? Dec 12, 2013 - Mark Lewisohn, who has previously brought forth the exhaustively complete Beatles Recording Sessions, now steps forward with Tune In, The Beatles: All These Years: Vol. Aug 20, 2013 - In August 1964, I was barely nine years old, but the Beatles' impact on America was pervasive. Posted in Uncategorized by Andrew Hickey on January 1, 2014. 6 hours ago - Listening to your CD, I think all of these artists' styles inform your record. When Capitol I don't remember watching their Ed Sullivan performances in February, 1964; I'm sure the television in our house was tuned to another channel that night. Mark Lewisohn's latest book on the Beatles is almost impossible to review sensibly. Yet "Tune In", a decade in the making and first in a projected trilogy called "All These Years", has hypnotic appeal. May 19, 2014 - You're all calling her a drugged up skank but do you have any idea how fucking out of it The Beatles would have been when they recording and released this? You called in some favors with the guest musicians and vocalists. I do remember a When the “White Album” came out these guys all thought this had to be the album where the Beatles would finally reveal what they knew; after all the cover was all white! Feb 6, 2014 - A new book about the Beatles has been released titled, The Beatles: All These Years. Yet no, you herald them as genius.

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